CIPS Members’ Survey – Results Show Overwhelming Concern About Proposed Changes

Thanks so much to everyone who responded to the CIPS members’ survey I launched on Monday. We had 100 responses by 3pm on Monday and I closed it last night with around 180 replies. Here are the basic results. I will comment on them more in a further article. However, the main reason for doing this was to check whether other members felt as strongly as I do about the changes being proposed. It seems pretty clear that my views are not unique!

More to follow, as I say, including “comments on the comments”, as it were – respondents made many interesting remarks in the free text part of the survey!   And thanks again for your participation.

Do you agree that the elected Congress should be replaced by an appointed Membership Committee directly reporting to the Board of Trustees?

Yes                                                                  6%

No                                                                  76%

Not sure / need more info                          15%

Don’t care – no strong view                         3%

Are you happy with members losing their democratic vote and the chance to choose at least some of the people involved in the running and governance of  CIPS?

Yes                                                                    2%

No                                                                  94%

Not sure / need more info                           3%

Don’t care – no strong view                         2%

Are you comfortable with the Board of Trustees appointing the Nominations Committee, which then appoints members of the Board of Trustees (with no elected members on either body)?

Yes                                                                  2%

No                                                                  92%

Not sure / need more info                            5%

Don’t care – no strong view                         2%

Do you agree that the role of CIPS President should be abolished?

Yes                                                                  3%

No                                                                  71%

Not sure / need more info                         21%

Don’t care – no strong view                         6%

On a scale of 1-10, how well do you think CIPS has engaged with and communicated to members in terms of these proposed (and implemented) changes?  (1 = not impressed at all,  10 = delighted)

Score 1  66%

2              22%

3              7%

4              1%

5              1%

9              1%

10           1%

The sample was heavily weighted towards more senior members of CIPS, with no less than 28% Chartered Professionals (and MCIPS / FCIPS of course). 26% were MCIPS and the same percentage exactly were FCIPS.  Over 80% were UK based.

4 replies
  1. Dan
    Dan says:

    How many were from lapsed members such as myself? Another survey question could have been if the proposed changes have any impact on whether they choose to renew their membership.

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith says:

      A handful – 3 or 4 I think – of lapsed members. A coupe of other folk emailed me and said they wouldn’t reply because they were lapsed but they were generally sympathetic.

  2. C. Mim
    C. Mim says:

    Interesting results Peter. Sounds like it might have been a bit of an echo chamber of like-minded people who completed your survey. The doubt the demographic of your respondents reflects CIPS membership. Also interesting use of photography for this article – also looking very dated and not a reflection on what I would want from a modern forward thinking professional body who represents me.

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith says:

      Dear Mr / Mrs / Ms Mim 1.Clearly they were like-minded people – that was my point, check I wasn’t alone in my views, a single mad voice crying in the wilderness. The surevy did at least reassure me that is not the case. 2. I don’t know what you mean by “The doubt the demographic of your respondents reflects CIPS membership.” IS there a typo in there? 3. I’m sorry you didn’t like the picture, I have changed it just for you to one of Catfish and the Bottlemen on the NME stage at Reading Festival, 2017, taken by me, which I hope you feel reflects better the dynamic, “modern forward thinking professional body who represents you” – I think we all want CIPS to be that. But we might want to dress up once a year for a dinner too (as per the first picture!)


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