Bad Buying – Six Months On

It is now more than six months since “Bad Buying — How Organisations Waste Billions Through Failures, Frauds, and F*ck-ups” hit the (largely virtual) shops.  Many thanks to everyone who has bought it and even more so for those who have left reviews on Amazon and elsewhere.

We still haven’t sold lots of copies from stations and airports, which was always my hope, but it has been good to see book sales going up last year, despite the lack of impulse buys at travel locations. And a fascinating report this week suggested kids actually read more challenging books when self-directed (or maybe parentally directed) than they did at school. Something for the education world to look at there…

In terms of the pandemic, things are looking up, in some countries including the UK, but the situation in India, Brazil and elsewhere is still terrible.  Some countries have shown “Good Buying” in terms of vaccines- others less so. But I am hopeful we might be meeting again at events in the late summer and autumn and the one year anniversary “relaunch party” for the book is being pencilled in for October.

I’m still collecting bad buying stories, so do let me know if you see any good examples.  And if by any chance you haven’t read the book yet… check out the links here.  Here are a few review quotes from Amazon…. thanks again to everyone who has supported the venture.

“This is a good read for anyone in business who is interested in what can go wrong when organisations buy things and what steps can be taken to mitigate the risks of bad buying. You can also learn how to get your dog an MBA. Highly recommended.”

“A clearly worded and jargon free explanation of what good procurement contributes and the dangers of bad buying – get your CEO, MD and FD a copy!”

“A great introduction to the pitfalls of procurement written in a very entertaining manner. Even experienced buyers will find it fun whilst often thinking how close they may come to featuring in future additions. A revised addition with all the examples from the COVID-19 pandemic must surely follow.”  (Note from author – I hope so!)

“Really to the point, no BS, great case studies and an enjoyable read.”

“After a lifetime of work involving business efficiency improvement, I discover this book. How I wish it was around some 45 years ago!”

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